Quick Answer: How Do You Check 407 Charges?

What is the difference between 407 and 407 ETR?

The Government of Ontario sets and regulates tolls and fees on Highways 407, 412 and 418.

407 ETR establishes the tolls and fees for Highway 407 ETR.

Your 407 ETR transponder is valid on any toll highway in Ontario – including Highway 407, Highway 412, Highway 418 and 407 ETR..

Is the 407 worth it?

Yes, regular users of 407 ETR can definitely save money. Transponder users save the Camera Charge per trip. So, if you plan to make more than three round trips per year, a transponder will save you money. You can save another 48.3% by paying your transponder lease annually instead of monthly!

Can you rent a car on 407?

If a rental car goes on 407 ETR, the rental car company (as the owner of the vehicle) will be sent a bill. … We understand you may want to take the transponder into a rented vehicle. However, as with any sharing of transponders between vehicles, you are responsible for the charges that appear on your 407 ETR bill.

Is the 407 free on weekends?

85 FREE kilometres on Saturdays and Sundays. … 60 FREE kilometres on Sunday Travel. 3¢ off per litre. 120 litres per month.

Can I go on 407 without a transponder?

If you choose to use Highway 407 without a transponder, you will be subject to a Camera Charge plus tolls per trip. You may also be stopped by the Ontario Provincial Police and/or Ministry of Transportation Enforcement Officers and be fined.

Does 407 affect credit?

It can affect your credit rating. Any bill can. If you used it, you need to pay it, and you should consider not using it anymore.

How do I check my 407 bill without an account?

If you don’t know your account number or have not yet received a bill, simply enter your licence plate and province/state and click Continue.

What is the charge per km on 407?

Toll Rates for Highways 407 and 412 and 418Toll Rate (Cents/km)Week daysMidday Period47.04Week daysOff-Peak Period38.86Weekends & HolidaysMidday Period45.00Weekends & HolidaysOff-Peak Period38.862 more rows

How expensive is the 407?

407 ETR Complete Fee DetailsFeeLight Vehicle (5,000 kg and under)Transponder Replacement Fee$50.00Account Fee (Camera Recorded Trip)$3.95Camera Charge (Camera Recorded Trip)$4.20 per TripTrip Toll Charge (This is not a per kilometre charge, applicable for trips including travel on 407 ETR only).$1.00 per Trip7 more rows

What country owns the 407?

The 407 is owned by Spain’s Cintra Global S.E., a subsidiary of Ferrovial, which owns a 43.23 per cent stake. Indirectly owned subsidiaries of the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board own 40 per cent of the highway, and, once Friday’s deal closes, OMERS will own 10.01 per cent and SNC-Lavalin 6.76 per cent.

How long does it take for 407 bill?

How long does it take to receive a response to my application? You will receive a written response within approximately 30 days from the date of receiving your completed application form, along with payment of the filing fee through certified cheque or money order.

How much does 407 cost without transponder?

The Camera Charge for light vehicle customers without a transponder will be $4.20. The Annual Transponder Lease fee will be $24.50. An additional transponder remains $9.95 per year, leased annually or $1 monthly.

Will 407 reduce my bill?

The 407 ETR says you won’t be charged any interest if you can’t pay your bill during the COVID-19 crisis. … Eligibility under the company’s existing Financial Hardship program will be expanded to cover anyone who has been impacted by COVID-19 through job loss, financial hardship or illness.

Why did I get a 407 bill?

Sometimes, our system can misread a character or a symbol on a particular licence plate. If this happens, the wrong customer may be billed for a trip on the 407 ETR. This is exactly it.

What is a 407 enforcement fee?

An Enforcement Fee* of $20.00 for accounts submitted to the Registrar of Motor Vehicles for plate denial in respect of the collection of your account. Effective annual interest rate on overdue accounts is 26.82%.

How do you pay for the 407?

407 ETR offers several convenient ways to pay your bill:Online.Through pre-authorized payments.Through your financial institution’s online banking, telephone banking, or at the teller using your 407 account number.By cheque.By telephone.In person at 407 ETR’s Customer Service Centre.

How can I pay my 407 bill without an account?

Log in to your account. By logging in first, all of your information will automatically appear in the fields provided. If you wish to make a secure Online Payment to your 407 ETR account without logging in, click here to pay your bill without logging in.

What happens if you don’t pay 407 bill?

Customers who don’t pay their 407 bills will see their account accumulate interest at a rate of almost 27 per cent annually and can have their licence plate denied. … The toll road also has programs in place to help customers dealing with financial hardship due to COVID-19.