Quick Answer: How Do Tolls Work In Denver?

Where are the tolls in Denver?

The Northwest Parkway is a 75-mile per hour public toll road that seamlessly connects E-470 at I-25 in the north metro Denver area, with U.S.

36 in Broomfield.

Click here to learn more about the Northwest Parkway and the Go-Pass toll collection system..

What happens if you accidentally get on the express lane?

If you use an express lane without a valid FasTrak toll tag, you will receive a violation notice. … If the toll is paid within 15 days, the penalty is reduced to $25.

What happens if you accidentally go through a toll?

The registered owner will receive a violation notice in the mail (usually within two weeks). Each violation transaction is assessed a $57.50 penalty in addition to the toll amount due. If the registered owner has no previous violations, the penalties will be waived. This is a courtesy for first time violators only.

Can I use the express lanes without a transponder?

Drivers using the lanes without a transponder will instead be sent a bill for the toll, along with a $4 administrative fee. … Right now, drivers using the express lanes must have a transponder, which tracks how often they enter and exit the toll lanes.

What happens if you enter a toll road without paying?

If you drive The Toll Roads without paying a toll(s), you will receive a Notice of Toll Evasion in the mail. If it was your first time driving The Toll Roads without paying, the notice will include information on how to pay the toll only (without penalties). Pay, resolve or monitor the status of a violation.

What happens if you don’t pay a toll bill in Colorado?

If the account remains unpaid for 90 days, the account becomes delinquent and all overdue toll transactions will be sent to a collections law firm for up to four months in an attempt to find the customer and collect payment. The unpaid tolls, the $5 late fee and a one-time $20 collection fee are due at this time.

How do you pay for toll roads in Denver?

Toll PaymentsPay Your Tolls Online. You can make a payment using our online payment system. Pay Online.Call Us. Make a payment over the phone through our automated payment system or speak to a customer service representative. … Mail Your Payment. You can mail your payment to us at P.O. Box 5470 Denver, CO 80217-5470.

How do toll roads work in Denver?

All tolls are collected by electronic toll collection. This means no stopping, no tollbooth congestion and no change is needed. Simply drive under the electronic toll reader and the toll is deducted automatically from an active ExpressToll account.

How much are the tolls in Denver?

License Plate Toll Rates – All HoursMainline Toll Plazas A and CMainline Toll Plazas B, D and E2 Axles$4.30$4.653 Axles$8.60$9.30Each Additional Axle$4.30$4.65

How much is a Toll Pass in Colorado?

The $18 is deducted from the $35 required to set up a new ExpressToll account, leaving a balance of $17 to be used on tolls. If you currently have an ExpressToll account, the $18 will be charged to your current account. People who plan to only carpool in the lane (HOV purists) can get a transponder for free.

Does EZ Pass work in Denver?

ExpressToll transponder, switchable transponder, EZPass. Yes, it’s confusing! … ExpressToll passes only work in the State of Colorado. Travelers from out-of-state can use the express lanes and are billed via License Plate Toll.

How do Colorado tolls work?

You pay tolls using ExpressToll or Go-Pass tag. If you do not have a Tag, you will get a video toll License Plate or GO-PASS Regular bill. There are no cash plazas to stop and pay tolls on Colorado toll roads or express lanes. For E-470, you do not have to stop at a toll booth and wait to pay.