Quick Answer: How Do I Turn On My Ezpass Flex?

What happens when EZ Pass tag not read?

If the tag reader is not able to read the tag, it takes a photo of license plate of your car, which is then matched with license plate database in their system.

If you do not inform the agency that you put the tag in another vehicle, they will not be able to match license plate in their database..

Does EZ Pass save money?

Benefits of E-ZPass There’s no more digging for cash or waiting in line to pay the toll. E-ZPass also saves you money through discounts offered by many toll facilities and helps reduce traffic congestion. With E-ZPass you receive the following benefits: Most fares are less than cash rates saving you money.

Is EZ Pass good in all states?

Now you can use your E-ZPass in toll-zapping booths in 14 states, a vast road-trip zone stretching from Virginia to Illinois to Maine. It’s all a compatible system, but different states set their own fees to issue the transponders and maintain your account.

How do I know if my Ezpass is working?

To check if your transponder works: Drive through a lane with an automatic coin machine. If you get a green light, you’re good; if it’s red, there’s a problem. Drive through an I-PASS lane on a toll road ramp — if a blue or yellow light flashes, it’s fine.

Can you put EZ Pass on dashboard?

Many drivers leave it on the dashboard because they own multiple cars, although E- ZPass will send free velcro strips for multiple cars. … That means you need to follow the instructions and mount it near the rearview mirror because that’s the sweet spot to ensure the E-ZPass will be read,” says McGurk.

How do I pay a missed Virginia EZ Pass toll?

You can pay the charges on the Toll Violation Notice by:Calling the E-ZPass Service Center at 877-762-7824.Sending a check or money order along with the payment slip to P.O. Box 1234, Clifton Forge, VA 24422-1234.By accessing the Web at www.ezpassva.com.In person at an E-ZPass Service Center.

How do you turn on an e-ZPass transponder?

With the E-ZPass logo facing you with the arrows pointing up, right side up, affix the entire transponder assembly to the selected spot on the inside of your windshield. Press the entire transponder assembly firmly in place and hold for one to two seconds. The installation process is now complete.

Do I need to activate EZ Pass?

You need to register your transponder, and then setup your online account access. To register your transponder, you will need a major credit card, an email address and your vehicle’s license plate number to proceed. … Manually replenished accounts will require a transponder deposit.

Is there a toll pass that works in all states?

While drivers can use the same toll pass for all of those roads, those transponders don’t work out of state. Close to two dozen states currently utilize tolling. Now Congress wants toll agencies nationwide to adopt a single model that would work in any state so that drivers would not need to purchase multiple passes.

How does flex pass work?

The Flex Pass is the only pass that allows you to ride for free in the express toll lanes during tolling hours. You want to sometimes carpool toll-free in the SR 167 HOT lanes and sometimes pay the toll as a solo driver.

How do you put a flex pass on a car?

1 Snap your Flex Pass into the plastic clip. 2 Flip it over so the switch is facing down. strips and apply to the plastic clip. The fastener strip may partially overlap the red/ white switch window.

How do I put money on my EZ Pass?

Replenishment optionsUse a credit or debit card. Log onto your account at Click Here to Manage My Account at EZPassVA or call 1-877-762-7824.Write a check. Take it or mail it to any Customer Service Center location.Pay with cash. … Use a prepaid card.

What is an Ezpass Flex transponder?

E-ZPass Flex is an E-ZPass with an additional switchable feature designed specifically for those traveling on Express Lanes. This transponder will specifically benefit those who are traveling with the number of people in their vehicle required to qualify for an HOV discount (2 or 3 depending on the roadway).

How do I activate my EZ Pass NY?

Visit the E-ZPass ® web site Register your Tag* online or call 1-800-697-1554. The full $25.00 or $30.00 is applied respectively to the account once the tag is registered. Attach the Tag to the windshield and start saving! *Important: You must register Tag before using.

What’s the difference between EZ Pass and EZ Pass Flex?

This new style transponder fits on the inside of the windshield, just like the traditional one. But the Flex has a switch. When the switch is to the left, the transponder works like any other. When the driver slides the switch to the right, the words “HOV ON” are revealed.

How much is EZ Pass NY monthly?

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey charges its E-ZPass customers a $1 per month service fee. New York State charges E-ZPass customers a $6 annual fee for monthly statements.

Where do you put EZ Pass on windshield?

E-ZPass® General Information Adhere the tag inside your vehicle to the upper center portion of your windshield, behind the rear view mirror at least one inch to the right of the center support of the mirror and at least one inch below the edge of the windshield, or below the tinted section of glass.