How Many Tolls Are On The M50?

What happens if you forget to pay M50 toll?

If you forget to pay the M50 toll, an additional late payment penalty of €3.00 will be applied to the journey.

A ‘First Penalty Notice’, will be issued to the registered vehicle owner’s address.

A letter called an ‘Unpaid Toll Notice’ will be issued to confirm this to the registered vehicle owner’s address..

How does the M50 Quick Pay app work?

What are the benefits of downloading the M50 Quick Pay app?Pay a toll in 5 easy steps.Sign Up in 15 seconds.Pay as you go or Prepay.Get reminders, never miss a deadline again.Add Credit to your account, stay one step ahead.Store vehicle and payment details.View payment and journey history.

What length is the M50?

45.5 kmM50/Length

How much is the toll on the M4?

Tolls range from $1.77 to $4.56 for cars and motorbikes, or $5.30 to $13.67 for heavy vehicles.”

How much does the M50 toll make a year?

According to the 2016 annual report by Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII), the total revenues generated from the M50 e-flow toll increased from €111.24m to €118.38m in that year. Emovis’ own revenues, in 2016, fell 2.5% to €23m, its accounts show.

Do UK cars have to pay M50 toll?

Cash-free tolling on the M50 became operational after the system was activated early yesterday. Motorists can no longer pay with cash and coins at the toll plaza for using the section of road between junctions six and seven near Blanchardstown in western Dublin.

How do I pay the M50 toll in Dublin?

M50 toll paymentM50 Quick Pay App.Online at LoCall 1890 50 10 50 to pay by credit card.Paying in Payzone branded outlets nationwide.Registered drivers can use their electronic toll tag or video account.

How do I pay a toll on a rental car in Ireland?

Where can I pay?Online at telephone using a credit card at LoCall 1890 50 10 50 or +800 50 10 50 11 (outside Ireland)By cash at Payzone branded outlets nationwide.Download the M50 Quick Pay App.

Does eFlow work on all tolls?

Your eFlow tag will work on all toll roads in the Republic of Ireland.

How do I get an e toll tag?

Visit our Cost of Living page to find NSW Government rebates and savings that are relevant to you….How to applySelect the ‘Apply online’ button.Read and accept the Terms and Conditions.Complete the application form.

Which part of M50 is tolled?

The toll is located on a gantry over the motorway between Junction 6 (Blanchardstown) and Junction 7 (Lucan) of the M50.

How do I pay the M50 toll?

Download the M50 Quick Pay app on Apple or Android stores and pay from the comfort of your couch. In person with cash/card at any Payzone retail outlet nationwide. You must have the vehicle’s licence plate number ready and tell the cashier how many journeys you’d like to pay for. Alternatively, you can contact us here.

How much are tolls in Ireland?

Toll ratesTYPE OF VEHICLETOLL (VAT INCL. 23%)Motorcycles (exceeding 50cc)€1.00Motor Cars€1.90Buses or Coaches€3.40Goods Vehicles with a design gross vehicle weight not exceeding 3,500 kilograms€3.404 more rows

How much is eFlow penalty?

What will the penalty letter say? If you miss the eFlow M50 toll payment deadline, you’ll receive a ‘First Penalty Notice’ (STR). Your STR is a bill from eFlow for the cost of the toll and a €3.00 penalty for having missed the payment deadline.

How much does M50 toll make per day?

Around 115,000 vehicles pass through the M50 toll every day and toll revenues of €110m are generated annually.

Can you pay Irish tolls by card?

How do I pay? Ten of Ireland’s eleven toll roads have regular barrier toll plazas and you can pay there and then with cash at all toll plazas. The following toll plazas also accept card payment by Visa Debit or Mastercard only – M1, M3, M4, N25, M7/8, Dublin Tunnel and the M6.

Do Northern Ireland Cars pay M50 toll?

ALMOST 400,000 journeys made by Northern Ireland motorists on Dublin’s barrier-free M50 toll road in the last two years were not paid for, it has been revealed. … The M50 is Ireland’s only barrier-free toll road which means drivers are not required to stop at a toll plaza.

Who owns the M50 toll?

emovisemovis is the parent company of subsidiary emovis operations Ireland, the managing body of the eFlow brand. With headquarters in France and operations in Europe, Canada and South America, emovis is a leading tolling solutions provider on an international scale. emovis’s total revenue for 2011 exceeded €1.5 billion.

How do I know if I need to pay M50 toll?

You can check this through the ‘Pay a Penalty’ section of To do so you will need to click here and enter your license plate number along with the Journey Reference Number from any previous letter that you have received for that vehicle from eFlow.

What happens when you forget to pay a toll?

If the toll remains unpaid, Roads and Maritime Service NSW (RMS) may choose to send a Penalty Notice to the registered owner of the vehicle. As motorists must pay their tolls, a Penalty Notice can be issued without previously sending a Toll Notice or Final Toll Notice. The penalty fine is currently $165.